8. White LED


8.1. Introduction

White LED module build in a high-performance LED for different usage, such illuminate, express program status, or make visual presentation. User just need to provide voltage, then can control the brightness by the corresponding input.

8.2. The principle

The LED is a two-lead semiconductor light source. Under electroluminescence theory, when a suitable voltage is applied to the leads, electrons are able to release energy in the form of photons, which means emit of light. The color of light emitted depend on the energy level drop when doing electroluminescence, it is relative to material of the semiconductor.


8.3. Specification

  • Operate voltage: 3 - 5V

  • Power consumption: 0.06W

  • Efficiency: 90 lm/W

8.4. Pinout Diagram

Pin Function
G Ground
V Voltage Supply
S Signal Input(Digital/Analog)

8.5. Outlook and Dimension


Size: 25mm X 25mm

8.6. Quick to Start/Sample

  • Connect the sensor to development board (direct plugin or using wire) auto_fit

  • Open Makecode, using the https://github.com/smarthon/pxt-smartcity PXT


  • Set different buttons to on/off the LED auto_fit

8.7. Result

Press A button the turn off the LED (set to 0) auto_fit

Press B button the turn on the LED (set to 1023) auto_fit